What Research About Celebrities Can Teach You

What Research About Celebrities Can Teach You

What is going to Happen to Jon Jones Career

The end of 2018 will be great season for boxing fans. Great things are on the way. Conor and Khabib will be seeing each other in a mega fight.They are already doing press runs anticipating for that fight. Tyron Woodley will also be fighting again. Before 2018 ends Cyborg and Amanda will say good bye to the year in a fight.Israel Adesanya is already prepared for career advancements.

Jon Jones is no longer suspended and is already prepared to fight again from 28th OCT. The end of the suspension was announced with drama like other aspects of his life.A lot of conclusions can be drawn from this move and people already have opinions.The move can mean a number of things. People are already keen on what the USADA says. According to USADA, Jones did not take the substance found in his blood intentionally. After testing positive, he has come out to help the program to get people involved in doping.This moves were termed as selfish by a number of people.He could have offered help to USADA to catch senior people in doping in exchange for a smaller punishment. Jones has pledged innocent all along and maybe he suspected that someone else was trying to ruin his career. Those are people he gave away most likely.

People already hate USADAs ruling since it looks malicious.People have expressed their dissatisfaction with USADA many times.Cormier told the USADA officials that he does not need them to put him through tests since they are now longer legitimate and he does not dope.The career of Jones has taken many paths. There is too much drama in his life.The is a need for him to rebrand is brand n matter how you understand things. His brand has been affected by all these controversial issues and he should do something about it.

Avoiding publicity saying correct things can redeem his life.Fighting and being ethical should be his only practice.Correcting the bad things he did in the past can help. He should stay away from anything that can hinder him from participating in future fights. Despite the fact that he was once talented, if he cannot make good business right now is a bad thing no matter how you reason. After the recent ruling, which fighters will fight Jones? Cormier will face Brock Leaner in early 2019. Cormier is ready for a fight just that the circus that comes with Jones does not interest him. Gusttafson fight will be more sensible.We will be waiting to see what happens.

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